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5 Christmas Gift Wrapping Hacks

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We know you’ve bought the presents amidst mall scrambles and 12.12 sale runs…but have you wrapped them? Here’s how to make your presents stand out from under the tree:

#1: Bag it
Classic brown Kraft paper bags are still very much in style and pretty much fit anything. Decorate them with cute washi (Japanese rice paper) tape or go for a rustic look with twine. You should be able to find them in a variety of sizes at your local craft store in bags of 10 so you can get all your packaging done in a jiffy!
P/C: The Beauty Dojo & Homespun Stuff

#2: Box it
Gifting larger or heavier items? Toss them all in a cute box, or go the extra mile and arrange them with some cute patterned cloth or baubles.

 P/C: Zahara Homeware

For example, check out how the black satin cloth in the picture above lends an extra luxe feel without needing anything else. Make your recipient feel like a champ when he or she opens the lid of a specially curated or themed box.

#3: Decorate it
Add a cute card on top of the present to strategically cover any creases you’ve made in the wrapping. You can hand-make them with patterned paper from an art shop, or purchase one with a tongue-in-cheek greeting at the bookstore. Of course, your heartfelt message inside the card is what really matters!

P/C: Zahara Homeware

Alternatively, a small bouquet or a vase arrangement can be a pretty yet practical gift to beautify your recipient’s dinner table. (Hint: we know what else can jazz up any eating space!)

#4: Get someone else to wrap it for you
Take advantage of free gift-wrapping services at departmental stores or shopping malls.
You can even do it for a good cause – some community centres gather volunteers each Christmas to offer gift-wrapping services for a minimal fee, with proceeds going to charity.

#5: Buy something that doesn’t even need wrapping.
If your item comes in a pretty box (or even monochrome colours and classic font branding just like ours!), just tie a ribbon or stick on a bow and you’re all good to go.

And of course, our favourite tip – celebrating with a bottle of good bubbly when we’re all wrapped up!


P/C: Yumika Hoskin


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