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Have a Movie-themed New Year’s Party…

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Here’s how to pull them off with Zahara Homeware products!

We round up the greatest family movies of years past and suggest how you can draw inspiration from them to throw a dinner in 2019 that your guests won’t forget.

#1: The Great Gatsby
Gold, gold, gold. The festive season brings a plethora of glittery decorations perfect for the theme. Our martini glasses with crystal ball stems will complete the job nicely and have your guests feeling like they were back in the lavish 20s era all night.

#2: The Jungle Book
This one’s for the kids, especially if they’re animal lovers. Let them take their favourite stuffed animal to dinner, or display them on a side table safe out of soup splatter’s way. For the adults, our colourful hand-painted glasses in red and green echo both the season’s colours and the theme.

#3: Star Wars
Whether you’re on the dark side or part of the rebel alliance, our classic glasses with their intricate stems and bronze shades are reminiscent of the machines from the movies. Or, if you’re a particular fan of the lovable C3PO, our gold-stemmed collection just might catch your eye.

 Gold Metal Stand Crystal Wine Glass


#4: Marvel’s The Avengers
If we’ve got to wait till April next year to find out what happens to Tony Stark in the series’ fourth instalment, we might as well do it in Stark Industries’ style. Let your guests sip from this gold or silver bottomed wine glass and kick back on your leather sofa, suit optional.

Silver Bottom Drinking Glass (2) Gold Bottom Drinking Glass (2)

#5: Beauty and the Beast
Pair any gold-accented glassware with some velvety red roses from the local market florist. Arrange the stems in a spiral manner in a vase and trim them to your desired length. Gather leftover rose petals in a wooden bowl with a few drops of essential oil to have your room smelling wonderful all night long.

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